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Shore &  Ships Tanks Calibration

Tank Calibration - BUREAU VERITAS

Through expert local team and technical knowledge, Bureau Veritas can deliver packaged and targeted solutions and information to support our clients’ unique business requirements.


The importance of tank calibration for both Shore and Ships for the establishment of accurate custody transfer figures and maintaining good contractual relationships cannot be overemphasized. The value of the best gauging system, or accurate manual measurement is directly proportional to the accuracy of the volumes extracted from the calibration tables. Bureau Veritas undertakes shore and Ship tanks calibration using the latest optical methods. This service is now available at any location we may be requested to operate using the latest laser 3D Scanner.


Bureau Veritas uses a wide range of calibration equipment including last generation Laser Scanner, Total stations with very low distance uncertainty, Master Meters, Prover tanks, and is fully compliant with the ISO & API  series requirements.

Tables can be constructed in any format and units required and are delivered in hard copy as well as electronically. Tables can be accompanied with calculation & reporting software for the moved oil quantities. Advanced mathematical and statistical techniques developed by Bureau Veritas , result to very low volumes uncertainty.

Knowledge & Expertise

BUREAU VERITAS HELLAS can provide accredited services acc to ISO 17025 for the Shore and Ships Tanks calibration.


Bureau Veritas specializes in the calibration of shore tanks of any shape, with or without floating roof and insulation, adopting the above techniques. Laser technology allows the calibration of shore tanks with the maximum possible accuracy, without scaffolding with complete safety and avoiding additional cost and disruption.

Vertical Tanks

External Triangulation Method ISO 7507.3 / 7507.1

Internal electro-optical distance-ranging method ISO 7507-4:2010

■ Internal electro-optical distance ranging method using 3D laser scanner, based on ISO 7507-4

■ External electro-optical distance ranging method using 3D laser scanner, based on ISO 7507-1

Tank Calibration - BUREAU VERITAS