Introduction to Sustainability Reporting (CSRD)

Jan. 27 2023


The aim of this training is to provide attendees the latest information on how to report company sustainability performance.

  • Understand the basics of sustainability reporting, the benefits and why you need to be ready to do it.
  • Become aware of how your company will be impacted by sustainability reporting requirements.
  • Prepare your company to be able to report on its sustainability.
  • Get a general idea of the type of information you need to create your report and how to capture and aggregate it.

Who the course is for

This course is intended for persons involved in the following roles:

  • Operational
  • Engineering
  • Environmental QEHS/SHE/QHSE
  • Energy and/or sustainability managers

Course Contents

1  Understand the basics of sustainability reporting and why you need to be ready to do it

  • Explain what sustainability and sustainable development means.
  • Understand some of the history of sustainability reporting, the different frameworks and standards, and the benefits of reporting.
  • Identify some of the main sustainability issues / topics / risks for companies in terms of E, S and G dimensions.
  • Understand the common reporting principles of the frameworks and standards.

2  Preparing the Report and Planning for Stakeholder Engagement

  • Feel confidence that you understand the reporting process.
  • Define your stakeholders and channels with which you can engage with them.
  • Understand the process to determine your material topics.
  • Understand link between topics and KPIs.
  • Feel confident on how to disclose information in a report and of the value of third party assurance.

3  The CSRD, become aware of how your company will be impacted by sustainability reporting requirements

  • Understand CSRD’s main characteristics.
  • Explain how the cross-cutting reporting standards work at a high level
  • Understand the basis for preparing and presenting sustainability information.
  • Explain the concept of double materiality.

4  E, S, G ESRS: what information do you need to create your report

  • Be confident about the use and structure of topic specific agnostic standards.
  • Be confident about disclosure requirement content to report on E, S and G topics from these standards.

Course dates

28/02/2023 09:00 AM – 17:00 PM




 DURATION: 1 day

 PRICE: 450 €

For registration or further information: Eleni Xypolytakou Training Coordinator,

Tel: 210-4063191, email: