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With the support of the Greek Shipping CommunityBureau Veritas Greece Marine Team, shipbuilding countries, local Bureau Veritas offices and Head Office assistance, Bureau Veritas classed fleet is 11341 ships totalling 114 mgt as of beginning of January 2017.

The average fleet age fell to 13.46 years, and detention rates globally fell again by 10%. That reflected the high quality of Bureau Verita's fleet and the hard work put in by the owners and managers who choose Bureau Verita as their class.

Bureau Veritas market share of global new building orders grew to average 11% distributed as follows:

19.7% Tankers,
16% Containers,
35% Bulk Carriers,
7.3% Gas Carriers,
3.3% Passengers,
6.8 % Cargo,
5.6% Offshore
6.3% Other

Bureau Veritas annual new orders for new buildings almost tripled within the last 10 years.

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