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Combine the Bureau Veritas technical  expertise with  lnspectorate"s worldwide analytical capabilities

VeriFuel is a professional and modular service package supported by a team of Bureau Veritas & Inspectorate experts.
Build your own scheme for quality and quantity verification.


VeriFuel includes the following services:

Bunker Fuel Quality Monitoring

. All necessary consumables for sampling on board during bunkering such as cubitainers and sample containers,. seals, labels, IATA carton boxes, etc.

. Drip sampler suitable for vessels flange if needed.

. Guidance and  detailed  instructions for  sampling & samples'  preparation  I handling  and documentation,  including  instructions for good bunkering practice. Stamps with the commonest  reserves  that need to be made by the ship.

. Express dispatch of samples  to the Inspectorate laboratory by a first class courier at the expense of the Lab. Unique AWB No and air-courier directory  provided.
. Analysis as per ISO 8217:2010 in short time and in laboratories accredited to ISO 17025. If requested, from samples' delivery to the Lab, less than 2 hrs for Sulfur - Density - Viscosity, less than 4 hrs for the above plus Water - Flash point, about 24 hrs for full ISO 8217 specs.
. Test of compatibility with  the previous  fuel on board.  

. Additional testing, beyond ISO 8217, if required such as waste chemicals, plastics, explosive limits, microbiological contamination, asphaltenes, etc.

Reporting and commenting on the fuelquality

. Calculating fuel's entrance temperature into the engine to meet the specified viscosity

. Highlighting off-spec or marginal properties and advising on treatment  issues if necessary

. Estimation  of the fuel's value for money through  Inspectorate's Fuel Quality Index. This will help you measuring the long term fuel quality you buy and provides a means to improve your purchases  average value for money.


Lub-oilCondition Monitoring (OCM) VeriFuel

Verifuel can be accompanied by a lubricant oil condition monitoring  scheme (OCM).  Bureau  Veritas  and Inspectorate's expertise in the field of tribology can help you to keep on top of predictive equipment maintenance having full control over your operational costs, including costly equipment  downtime. OCM is aided by bespoke monitoring  software   based  on  the  SPC  (Statistical Process Control) principles.

  Lub-oil Condition Monitoring


Bunker Quantity Surveys (BQS)

VeriFuel can  provide  also  Bunker  Quantity  Surveys around the globe by IFIA I Energy Institute (formerly IP) certified  surveyors  operating  under  a certified quality system. Our expertise  and integrity  will greatly  assist you in  obtaining the right  quantity  of fuel and  avoid shortages and claims. This can be combined with a predelivery (full or key) quality testing of the fuel while at suppliers' premises to avoid surprises. Ask for details.


Modular  training courses on various aspects of the bunker supply can be arranged  such as bunker quality parameters and their significance, blending, on board treatment, sampling & quantity issues, etc. Ask for your tailor  made course which can comprise  field and laboratory  demonstrations.

  Bunker Quantity Survey (BQS)

Related services

. Estimation on the on board treatment efficiency

. Evaluation of the shipboard bunker measurements reliability

. Fuel Quality Index

. Reporting & calculations software

. Bunker tanks calibration

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Why you need fuel testing?


. You may not get what you ordered

. There are incompatible fuels

. You must avoid engine problems from minor to severe

. You must avoid poor combustion & loss of propelling power

. You need to define the treatment process

. You need to improve your long term fuelquality

. You need to build evidence for eventual claims

. In certain cases you are obliged to have a testing program (e.g. OCIMF VIQ 11.1.10)



With a combined  VeriFuel Bunker  & OCM package  receive  a free of charge  testing program for your purifiers' performance & efficiency and I or receive a free of charge one-day  training  course  from  our variety  of courses.

For vessels  registered  with  Bureau  Veritas, that  will also  subscribe  to VeriFuel, a Stern  Tube Lubrication  Oil Analysis  will be  provided  free  of charge,  twice  a year. Depending  on the results  of these analyses. extension of keyless tail shaft inspection of up to 10  years can be considered.


Improve your Fleet Fuel Management

VeriFuel   is  the  new  Bureau  Veritas  comprehensive  Fuel Monitoring Scheme designed for the Marine Industry. Backed by the Inspectorate network of laboratories at strategic locations worldwide  and combining  the skills  and know-how  of both organizations, the scheme aims to provide residual & distillate marine  fuel quality assessment, advisory reports and expert opinion to improve your fuel management.

With the experts in Marine Fuel evaluation services today

With VeriFuel you will have timely and accurate information on the quality of the purchased fuel. Use of this information is crucial for avoiding engine problems & cutting down maintenance cost due to fuel unsuitability. In addition, you can estimate your fuel's value for money, determine and improve your treating system performance and, above all, increase the on board safety and protect crew's health.

Bureau Veritas widens its portfolio of services to the Shipping Industry

Bureau Veritas with close working relationships with ship-owners, built over almost two centuries, is in a unique position to understand their needs; this is now extended to the fuel evaluation services through the VeriFuel monitoring scheme.



The combination of the strength and reputation of Bureau Veritas with the skills and experience of Inspectorate will provide you with unquestionable analysis reports to protect your assets and interests.


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